Be right back. I just opened this to ramble but decided I need to turn up the heat just a little bit to knock off the chill and I've got to pee.

Since I turned up the heat I decided to go ahead and get myself the last spoon of ice cream and drop it into a mug and sprinkle it with malted milk. You know what's awesome? This granola on top of vanilla ice cream (or plain greek yogurt) with honey. Just..oh. my. word. It's the best granola I've ever made. I may have to get to Trader Joe's this week for maple syrup and nuts so I can make it. My amazing friend had us over last week after a playtime meet-up and she served us soup (plus a bunch of other awesome goods) and bowls of yogurt with honey and this granola. Serious friend.

I've been listening to Fleetwood Mac and reading a bit here and there. Last night Beebs and I went to my mom's for the night. Roommate had to work today so we left him here. I always think it does a person good for an evening of alone time anyway. He texted (is that a word or not?) me this morning to say he slept terrible [without us here] and I thought aww, he missed us. At Mom's I made Smitten's Romesco Potatoes (that romesco is amazing) and this morning I purged through some baby clothes that belonged to Beebs. I found a creamy flannel blanket and a few other odds and ends to cut up for cloth wipes and Mom pulled out my old receiving blankets to put some on the back of the quilt she's making for this boy. I don't want her to cut them but there are several. I kept my 2 favorites. Random, if my mom's at home..she keeps her heat set at 60. She turns it lower when leaving, obvsly. I actually think she's fudging and really keeps it at 58 when she's home. Brr.

Working backwards to say my family went to sleep early tonight. I came back downstairs and lit candles and incense and started working on a mental to-do list for tomorrow. I really should write it down. I hear footsteps upstairs and I really should compose a list of needed granola ingredients.

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